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Porto Food Guide

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Our Porto Food Guide offers ideas for good food in Porto, Portugal.

Enjoy our Porto food guide with recommendations of many of our favorite places to enjoy the food and drinks that Porto, Portugal has to offer.
It will continue to be updated and expanded as more places
are experienced and recommended.

Elemento Restaurante

This Michelin star rated restaurant where the chef cooks exclusively with wood fire.


Located above the river with spectacular views and delicious food!

Touriga Vinhos de Portugal

Enjoy a personalized tasting in this small wine shop.

A Fábrica da Picaria  Craft Beer Brewpub

Pair local craft beer with food on the patio at this spot.

Pedro Dos Frangos

Number one pick on Yelp! House‑made typical Portuguese dishes including a mixed plate of meats or octopus rice.

Restaurante a Cozinha do Martinho

Anthony Bourdain visited this restaurant for his series “Parts Unknown” and had the fried sardines and the tripe dish.


Such delicious gelato! Each is handmade with quality ingredients and bursting with flavor!


The top pizza restaurant on Trip Advisor serving Neopolitan style pizza, salads, lasagne and desserts.

Porto Ferreira

Take a tour and learn about port wines with a tasting at one of the top port wine houses in Gaia. 


We hope you found this Porto food guide helpful. We welcome comments to help us improve.

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